Over 2,000 .ton domain names have found new owners

We want to share with you today some results from the first week of the TON DNS auction.

After one week, there are 7,957 open auctions for domain names, 2,184 of which have been bought for a total of 2,392,002 Toncoin.

The domain name wallet.ton is the most expensive yet, fetching a cool 215,250 Toncoin. Right behind it are casino.ton and bank.ton, which sold for 200,000 and 157,500 Toncoin, respectively.

The general TON DNS auction will always be open, and you can place bids on a domain name anytime. However, the majority of high-demand domain names will be bought shortly.

The auction is being held here:


If you’ve won an auction, please read this guide to learn how to claim your domain from the auction and how to assign it to your TON wallet.